ABOUT / Director's Statement

After producing and directing a successful book/DVD-combo about the basics of beer in 2010 and since then establishing Europe´s largest beer-channel on YouTube – I gradually became a „hop-head“ myself. Enjoying first and foremost lager beers like 90% of worlds beer drinkers I became more and more interested in the dozens of different other beer styles that are brewed every day around the world. And so did the ever-growing community on the globe.


I did some research and found out that there have been a few books about beer styles written, but on the visual side, only five essential documentaries about that topic have been made. And they all went for the same story: They only showed the fight between small craft-breweries against the „big ones“.


Since the number of enthusiasts of good, special and even obscure beers – similar to wine-connoisseurs several years ago – is steadily growing, it was time to let the TV-series „Beer-tastic!“ become a reality. An ambitious enterprise that leads the viewers to the roots of beer brewing in ancient China and also to interesting places in Africa, Europe, and the USA, where more than fifty recognized beer styles have been invented throughout the centuries.


Beer-tastic!" not only shows the subject like never before – it is also the first of its kind that takes a view on the different styles, tastes, and flavors. And therefore serving the millions of beer-enthusiasts around the world and those to come...


Christian Machacek

Writer, Director