4  continents.  12 countries.  30 cities.  4x 52 minutes. Join us on a tasty journey around the globe to discover famous beer styles and experience new flavors.

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Enjoy these beer-postcards from Season 1!

What brings more people together than beer? All around the world, the liquid gold gathers family, friends, and strangers. It’s deeply rooted in the culture of many nations, and the art of brewing has been practiced and perfected for thousands of years. Some of these old recipes are still around.


Over the last few years, the image of beer has changed from a cheap and wide-spread beverage for everyone to an exquisite drink similar to wine, mostly because of the trend to go back to the craft of brewing. Even hardcore wine enthusiasts can’t resist discovering new flavors and odors in rediscovered beer styles.


The first season with 4x 52-minute episodes takes you to specific places in Africa, China, Europe, and the US, where some of the most interesting and even obscure beer styles have been invented or at least brewed to perfection.


Discovering knowledge and anecdotes, talking about the history of beer, and opening the audience’s mind for new sensorial experiences, this is a limited series, new and different, serving the millions of beer fans worldwide perfectly.. and those to come.